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Some poems by the author Tran Nhuan Minh

On deep blue afternoon, we stay together/ A little attic and rain stretching to the wharfs/ Being short like my shirt, girlhood soon passes away/ Love to you may not be hidden

The poet Tran Nhuan Minh

Born on August 20th, 1944 in Nam Sach district, Hai Duong province. He was graduated from the Faculty of Literature at Hanoi University and worked as a member of the Poetry Council of Vietnam Writers’ Association. Currently, he is living and writing in Ha Long City, Quang Ninh. From 1962 to 1969, he worked as a teacher at Hong Quang area and Quang Ninh province. From 1969 to 2005, he was elected as Chairman of Quang Ninh Province's Art and Literature Association, Editor-in-Chief of Ha Long Newspaper.


Blue afternoon


On deep blue afternoon, we stay together

A little attic and rain stretching to the wharfs

Being short like my shirt, girlhood soon passes away

Love to you may not be hidden

We stay together in a deserted afternoon

Soft winds pass through steps, sunshines get strong

Moon rises up while my hair has not brushed

Sadness and dreams are brought along with clouds

Dry leaves fly around the stone well in one afternoon

I go on the slope and never come back

Clouds hides the village’s sky

Le le birds call their friends in deep lagoon

We are separated in a peaceful afternoon

I suddenly see “full moon” crescent

Dress is floated in cold winds

Winds blow from the early time of hoa bay flowers, making my

heart moved…

One time you pass through


One time you pass through

An eyebrow is dropped on the yard

And then… dog barks relatives

Far birds forget singing, near fish forgets swim

His wife cooks soup and pot is burnt.

He keeps standing and sitting in wonder…

Today that eyebrow

Turns into a twig of strange grass blossoming…

Oh, flowers, I am unlike others

Not daring to lie a girl to love her younger sister…

Advice to the child


No-one wants to be a beggar

Beggars are unhappy in this world

You should not laugh at them

Although they are smelly and dirty

Our house is close to the road, therefore, they often come

If possible, we should give them something

Children, never ask

Where they come from

Our dogs are so bad

They always bite beggars

You should teach them

Otherwise, you should sell them

We are now well fed and clothed

But no-one knows what will the future be like

Kindness should be delivered to the persons

Maybe the good things will come to us…


Translated by Thanh Kha group

Source: Vietnam Writers and Works