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The Military Literature Magazine celebrates its 60th anniversary of the first publication; receives the Third Class Fatherland Defence Order, and presents its 2015-2016 Poetry Contest Awards

On 12 January, in Hanoi, the Military Literature Magazine celebrated its 60th anniversary of the first publication; received the Fatherland Defence Order; and presented its 2015-2016 Poetry Contest Awards.
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chu phoong arial moi copy - On 12 January, in Hanoi, the Military Literature Magazine celebrated its 60th anniversary of the first publication; received the Fatherland Defence Order; and presented its 2015-2016 Poetry Contest Awards.
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Honorable guests of the ceremony were Major General Le Van Hien, Deputy Chief of the General Political Department; Nguyen The Ky, Member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Viet Nam, General Director of the Voice of Vietnam, Chairman of the Central Council of Literary and Arts Theory - Criticism; writer Nguyen Tri Huan, Vice President of the Viet Nam Writers' Association; and representatives of military units, the Central Board for Propaganda, the Ministry of Information and Communications, the Viet Nam Writers' Association, the Viet Nam Journalists’ Association... Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc and General Ngo Xuan Lich, Minister of National Defence sent flowers to congratulate the magazine.

With the principle tasks of publishing literary works, literary and critic studies, contributing to fostering soldiers’ mind and soul to build the new man in the military, detecting and supporting young literary talents, right from its first publications, the Military Literature Magazine has received great attention from all the classes of readers. The magazine has been given various honorable certificates and awards by the Party, the State, the Ministry of National Defense and the General Political Department. The Third Class Fatherland Defense Order awarded by the State at this occasion is the recognition, praise and encouragement for "outstanding achievements in training, combat service, building the people's army, strengthening national defense from 2011 to 2016, contributing to the cause of socialist construction and fatherland defense."

In his speech, Major General Le Hien Van emphasized: "In the coming years, with opportunities and challenges in the process of comprehensive reform of the country, the Party, the State, the people and the Army must conduct an arduous and complicated struggle between the new and the old, the progressive and the backward, the good and the bad, the noble and the ignoble .. . That reality is a potential land for artists’ exploration and creativity to build a strong literary and artistic foundation with authors and works worth the stature of the Army and the people. The process of international integration, cultural exchange, together with plots and tricks of enemy forces which aim at promoting "peaceful evolution", performing "depoliticizing" the military, promoting "self-evolution", "self-reform" in the sphere of thought, culture, ethics in the military and in the people, demand the building and training the force of writers and poets of the magazine into a job devoted one worthy of the noble title “artists – soldiers”, being the core force who directly consolidate and develop the revolutionary literature and arts in the present course of building and defending the socialist Fatherland of Viet Nam.”

Respond to the leader’s speech, Senior Colonel Nguyen Binh Phuong, General Editor of the magazine said: "We pledge to continue inheriting and developing the traditions of a Hero of the People's Armed Forces unit, trying to outstandingly complete the tasks assigned, fulfill the responsibility as a pioneer in literary and artistic fronts, deserving the trust of the Central Military Commission, the Ministry of Defense, the General Political Department, readers and writers in and outside the military."

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Writers who took 2015-2016 Poetry Contest Awards
Talking about what has been done during the last 60 years of the Military Literature Magazine, Sr. Col. Nguyen Binh Phuong respectfully mentioned writers who have contributed to making the name of the magazine such as Nguyen Khai, Huu Mai, Tu Bich Hoang, Ho Phuong, Huy Toan, Mai Van Hien, Nguyen Ngoc, Nguyen Trong Oanh, Nguyen Thi, Nguyen Minh Chau, Thu Bon, Xuan Sach, Xuan Thieu, Nam Ha, Nhi Ca, Huu Thinh, Pham Ngoc Canh, Nguyen Duc Mau, Anh Ngoc, Hong Dieu, Chu Lai, Le Luu, Nguyen Tri Huan, Khuat Quang Thuy, Tran Dang Khoa, ect.

At the same time, writer Nguyen Binh Phuong affirmed: "In terms of propaganda, it can be said that the magazine has brilliantly fulfilled its tasks by timely mobilizing soldiers in the toughest moments, when the human heart flutters because of the choice between life and courage. Furthermore, the magazine has built up and lift off the soldiers’ soul in wartime, instilled in them the love of people, the love of the motherland, the humanity and the courage to wait for tomorrow. That value is not measurable, but can be seen through the optimism and composure of the soldiers when crossing fire bullets as well when gaining the last victory."

Writer Nguyen Tri Huan, Vice Chairman of the Viet Nam Writers' Association, former General Editor of the Military Literature Magazine said: "On behalf of all the generations of writers, soldiers, employees, and staff who have worked at the magazine, we trust and feel secure about the new generation of the magazine, wish the magazine further development, be newer and and more interesting, and serve more and more to soldiers and the people's armed forces.”

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Mrs Do Bich Thuy, Vice General Editor of the magazine, presented 2016 awards for its collaborators
During the recent years, the publication of the magazine has always remained high at around 30 thousand copies/year. Besides the sharp increase in the number of visitors to the Military Literature Magazine online over the years clearly demonstrates the magazine’s position in the readers’ heart.

In the framework of the celebrations, the Military Literature Magazine also presented its 2015-2016 Poetry Contest Awards, and 2016 awards for its collaborators.

In addition, the Viet Nam Fine Arts Association presented a memento to the magazine for its contribution to Viet Nam fine arts. Along with that, the magazine gave back works on display in the magazine’s exhibition of 60 years of illustration to the Association.

Translator: VU HUNG