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I only write when I like and when the characters want me to write

 00:13, 08/12/2018

Of course I cannot say that I am careful or meticulous. I just know that writing is a lot of hardships to me. 

Never underestimate the public: Painter Pham Ha Hai

 08:15, 14/10/2018

The problem of fake paintings was first known to the public right after the advent of Doi moi (Renewal). At present, the problem has yet to be solved; on the contrary, it stitll exists and exists in a more public and widespread manner, causing unconfortable feelings to painters and painting-lovers.

Audiences and I have met each other in that nostalgia: Director Huynh Tuan Anh

 10:52, 31/07/2018

Sitting here and reminiscing about that ten-year journey, I have to express my deep thanks to the period I was a student of pedagogy. I also always bear in mind deep thanks to the lecturer saying to my face that I was in the wrong place...

Making art is a way of life, not just a profession

 09:05, 16/07/2018

He has travelled a lot, had many activities and been oversea for a long time but it seems that he is still an introvert, taking refuge in nature to probe deeply into the ego, it can not be any other.

Hanoi is the center attracting quintessencenationwide: Painter Le ThietCuong

 08:14, 11/07/2018

I met Painter Le ThietCuong at No.39 Ly Quoc Su Street right after the 12th anniversary of Gallery 39. This is the only gallery working on the non-profit basis in Vietnam

Van nghe Quan doi kicks off “Lua moi” short story contest

 15:26, 16/03/2018

The Van nghe Quan doi (Military Arts and Literature) Magazine held a meeting to honor its collaborators and launched a short story contest titled “Lua moi” (new fire) for the period of 2018-2019.


 12:37, 16/03/2018

There is no limit to any specific topics for short stories submitted to the contest.

The smoke billowing to the sky

 08:41, 13/03/2018

Perhaps only Vietnam and some Asian countries have the lunar calendar for their own people. But we also use the solar calendar; people call it the Western calendar. Western calendar is for humanity all over the world. But what's unique and different is that yin and yang on the same calendar paper. (A vignette of Y Phuong)

Poet Nguyen Quang Thieu: There should be a national strategy for promoting Vietnamese literature

 08:18, 18/12/2017

This is also the main theme that the VNQD magazine exchanged with the poet Nguyen Quang Thieu - Vice President of the Vietnam Writer's Association, director of the translation center and director of Vietnam Writer's Association's publishing house.