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Hanoi painting exhibition marks National Day

Wednesday, 30/08/2023 14:19

Some 80 paintings are on display at an exhibition at the Vietnam National Museum of Fine Arts in Hanoi in celebration of the 78th National Day anniversary.

The exhibition entitled Dat Nuoc Toi (Our Country) features remarkable landscape paintings selected from the Collection of Modern Art of the museum.


Silk painting "Landscape in Mai Chau" by Le Kim My.

The paintings were created during the period 1945-2007 and by popular artists of different generations. It includes artists who graduated from the Indochina Fine Art School such as Luong Xuan Nhi, Nguyen Van Ty, Tran Dinh Tho, Huynh Van Thuan, Phan Ke An, and those who were trained in the Resistance Art courses like Luu Cong Nhan and Dao Duc, as well as the following generations of artists such as Tran Thanh Ngoc, Nguyen Thanh Chau, Do Duc and Do Thi Ninh.

The country is the inspiration for many art forms such as literature, music, cinema, and theatre, said Nguyen Anh Minh, Director of the museum, at the opening ceremony which took place on August 24.

"For fine art, the country is a sacred calling, an endless source of emotions that each artist wants to express his patriotism with all his affection and talent,” Minh said.

Through the true lens of the artists with rich and vivid visual language, the beautiful typical sceneries of all regions of the country have been successfully expressed.

Coming to the exhibition, visitors can see popular destinations like Ha Long Bay, Da Lat in the Central Highlands province of Lam Dong, Dong Van in the Northern province of Ha Giang and Huong River in the central province of Thua Thien Hue or familiar sceneries such as an old street, a duckweed pond, a coconut grove, and a village road.

From the mountainous areas with famous historical sites, including Ban Gioc, Pac Bo, Con Son, and the midlands with the Hung Kings Temple to coastal areas like Nha Trang and Phu Quoc in the South, all are poetically portrayed in these works showing the love for the homeland of the artists.

Each work is presented in a different style and penmanship, but all are imbued with the love of the artist's homeland.

This is the first time that the museum has displayed original paintings in combination with digital projection with motion graphic technology.

The museum hopes that the public have an experience of seeing the artworks with technology. It will be a new way to display the artworks of the museum, which will not be limited by time and space, according to Minh.

The exhibition runs until September 10.

Source: VNA

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