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Some poems by the author Thanh Thao

Friday, 19/04/2019 10:29
Nhà thơ Thanh Thảo

Thanh Thao, real name is Ho Thanh Cong, was born in 1946 in Mo Duc district, Quang Ngai province. Graduating from the Faculty of Literature, Hanoi University, he worked in the Southern battlefield and stayed in the homeland since then. In addition to poems, Thanh Thao writes newspapers and critical essays, however, his important contributions are expressed in poetry. He was awarded the State Prize for Literature and Art and the Award of Vietnamese Writers’ Association.

Seventh section

We are not tired

But grass are too sharp and warm!

At the age of twenty, my brother is stunned by a thin bird wing like

drawing lines

Many changes are like flying cloud

When we lie, it is still there

Silently keeping a “co may” stem


Footprints are moved back

Footprints are left in our life with the youngest years

At the age of eighteen, twenty, our beauty is sharp like grass

Thick like grass

Soft and strong like grass


Foggy strange wind in one afternoon

Flowers are silently formed in soil

The spring will wake up there

More than a sudden thing


We went into battle without regretting our own life

( No regrets for the age of twenty is an impossible thing )

But all are regretful about it, how will our nation be?

Grass is sharp but too warm, isn’t it?...

(Quoted from the poem: People going to the sea , 1977)


Greetings to my country

Sometimes my heart is empty when leaving

because of meeting a dreg in the office

I send greetings to my country. So sad

Country silently goes with me on the ways

Happiness sometimes comes along with friends’love

Eyes become bright

I send greetings to my country. Going through unfavorable

weather condition

We are familiar with hardship on two our shoulders all year round


Sometimes I put hand into pocket to take money but I only see the poem

Poem tells about future and I need to go to market at noon

I send greeting to my country. At such noon

Country and I have the same vegetarian meal

We live by running around and daily struggles

Sometimes the greetings to the country are forgotten

It is our mother who has no complaint to us

Although we still know that the greetings are above feasts

But more than greetings, our mother hopes that

Children do not her ashamed

Do not talk hot air

Country is not a derelict house


Sometimes inclining the head below the tree row

There are little eucalyptus shapes in the old days

I send greetings to my country. It seems

I slowly grow but I am older than tree row

Sometimes I lie with face up to see clouds

Clouds peacefully fly for thousands of years

I send greetings to my country. In silence

I hear the soft grass growing through the back

As if someone is pushing me to wake up

Surprisingly, I only see green color

I send greetings to my country. It seems

Green grass is touching my back.


Footprints are left on the grass

I walk past the elephant grass on an evening

Lifting up my eyes to the sparkling sky

Winds titles among blue background

Sounds from blackbird become immense

Trails are like stretched threads

Numberless footprints are sharply sticked there

No-one reads footprints

Thereby, no-one knows you go in near or far distance.

Life endlessly extends to our eyes

Small trail also leads to the battlefield

Persons suffering in malaria

Will footprints placed on greasy road be blurred?…

What is included in baby carriage?

To go to the ends of the earth

To bring many human desire

Little footprints make no word and no name

Time passes as if grass emerges

Trails are like the acrossing durable threads

Some go near, some go far

Only footprints are kept

Kept in the time grass

Silently stretching too far from our eyesight

Warmth is deeply left

For next generations to go to the battlefield.


Translated by Thanh Kha group

Source: Vietnam writers and works

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