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Artworks made from used plastic warn of environmental damage

Wednesday, 26/06/2019 10:03

(News) - A group of young artists from a social enterprise in Hanoi have brought new life to tens of thousands of used plastic items and transformed them into impressive artworks which are on display at an ongoing exhibition in the capital.

Opened to the public at the Vincom Center for Contemporary Art (VCCA) last week, the exhibition Plastic Planet presents a serious message about the environment, especially the harmful effects of plastic garbage.

The highlights of the exhibition are four large installation artworks, including Loc Xoay (Tornado) – a 4.5m high installation created from thousands of used plastic items.

Student Huy Trung said he felt overwhelmed standing in front of the work. “There are many TV programs about natural disasters, so I know how serious tornados and their deadly power can be. When I look at this work, I can imagine the similar devastation being caused by plastic use,” he said.

According to Trung, the message about the environment is made “visible” by the artwork.

An installation entitled Loc Xoay (Tornado) at the opening of the Plastic Planet exhibition at the Vincom Center for Contemporary Art.

At the exhibition, visitors, especially children, have been attracted by a vivid “aquarium.” A whole ocean with sea creatures such as octopus, lionfish and horse fish all made from used plastic bags can be seen here.

The work, Canh Dong (The Field), which was created from thousands of plastic straws, and life-sized statues of a couple, which has been name Family, are other attractions at the exhibition.

The exhibition also offers a chance for visitors to interact using other senses.

At the “Secret Box” section, visitors can touch screens to listen to the sound of water pouring into a sea of plastic bottles or to see how quick plastic garbage destroys the eco-system.

At the “Safe Zone” section, children present their angle on nature and the environment through cute and colorful paintings.

Months before the exhibition, in order to have enough materials for the artworks, the exhibition’s initiator, To He – a Vietnamese social enterprise that provides a creative learning playground for disadvantaged children to play and learn in a different academic setting, called on people to donate used and clean plastic bags. In exchange, every donor would receive a small potted plant. The “green program” has been supported by many people.

During the exhibition, VCCA will also host several educational activities targeting children. The activities include mini concert, environment-themed workshops and exhibition tours for children.

Source: VNA

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