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VNQD would like to introduce: Nguyen Khanh Duy’s Poetry

Thursday, 20/06/2019 00:01


Born in 1992 Home town: Thanh Ba, Phu Tho. Now write freely


Droplets, Writers Association Publisher, 2017

Standby paradise, Da Nang Publisher, 2018


A cloud dies

A window swallow silver gray sky

End of season’s coldness makes flowers get up late

There are people at the rapids

See silently lighthouse

The wind went though cold sleeves

A stone-paved way directs to the castle

Polished by shoes by years

Secret of wine formula

Is the tear dropped fast from blind eyes

Wandering guy forgets way back

We say goodbye

The atheist will not participate in Mass

The yacht is still waiting at the wharf

Ready for me a river trip

People who have adventure with wine

Always forget first words

Books fall at the foot of the chair of drowsy

Lamp endures a star

A child was born in non-appointed season

Surrounding wooden house is

Goggle night eyes

They leave

Children grow up with wolves

Dear Sir

There are three times

You only stop using such old rod

Nestled in the corner

Dream copies for me some secret words

Cymbidiums spread secretly

A yard has been invaded by sunshine

Night birds make the final flight

I was suddenly asked about yesterday’s appearance

Smoke from the broken surface of the lake

Fingers clutching the orphaned sun

The birds cried out


The root of sorrow, the flowers bloom late

In a day, you don’t answer

River wind becomes widen

I listen a song again

See you sinking gradually

Picture is immense wave

my heart is vibrated

Your smile is sad by sun gradually turned off

breathlessly trembling

on the porch, evening wind is blowing


he asked softly

Are you there?

Let me touch you

Sediment’s tears are dried

on the cheek through thousand years

Poem copied from stone tombstone

Is unfinished sentences

I have not finished yet

To send you

But evening wind blows me off

There are only the smoke of straw

I will fly

And touch you

Wounds on the face

I’m trying to remember your voice

But too difficult

Oh! There are smoke in the afternoon

Spit his nose, smoke from stubble

Is it illustrative, a voice from yesterday?

I fly to old hamlet

No silk thread can tight the pain

Forgetting half of the song

I’m afraid that the smoke will blow you to sky

You hide yourself in red-leafed forest corner

Rusty, wind secretly returned

You see me, eyes awake deep night

I call you, the voice is very condensed

I having a ragged life is not enough

But expect to find a yesterday voice

But expect to remember the way to old hamlet

To step on regretful stubbles

Mollusk night

This universe is made of the pain

Of hibernation cocoon species

the gears and doors

Chew the life with troubles

The world owes us

Supporting the sky at nights

Towers grown up from lips


Swimming back in dreams

I lean on other

Find matching point

Everyone is busy in their world

Wearing disguising sky starts

Making lights at the patio

Sexy fellow countrymen

Distress exile person

Hardy pilgrims

Vague people travelling without purposes

Galaxy has flying stars.

Translated by LE HOA

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