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Some poems of Vi Thuy Linh

Wednesday, 26/06/2019 16:08

Universe in hand

Reaching the mysterious territory

Quietly reveals surprise
The room crowded my shadow each evening
The room full of your figure with memory
The room white lilies breathing

Wednesday, 4th of April

Vivaldi from Venice comes
Bringing 44 violinists
To play music for Vili’s birthday

Fingers welcoming the veins on the nape of your neck, sweat along your back
Her waist, the hour glass slowly pours
Today - day and night for 32 hours
Her body is a Violin waiting...
Do not call the sun slowly rises

Afternoon of March 8th is gloomy, not sunny cold
Arc of my arm wrapped around your neck
Eyes blazing with wild storms
The wild flow finds the deep bottom gentle gathering

Out on the street
On every side parlor beauty from youth to old aunts, colorful

                                                   mannequin crowd city
Or were all mannequins on life’s stage of torn velvet

Revealing a blurry background of guilty junctions

The evocation of her purity
Turning off the busy violet vision
Lighting gradually each
corpuscle by 37 degrees magnets
Milk cloud sucking the line
Renounce negligence
Wave beaking the flavor love

Alternating departure - arrival ...

Why do the gods not soon bring you here?
Yesterday it was our 32 years
The resin wells amber color
Rain repenting



Floating in the air a baritone voice sings a romance in Italian
Star forest attaches sunflowers all over our bodies

Calling each others' names dissolving material blood

The Thuy Linh flower blooms midst the field of Quynh
No one will know this secret
The sole key to open his and her Universe
Held by the supernatural hand
Or has it
all fitted into the body of April

Carnation of all the world is flapping its wings to be butterflies!

Before my Birthday, 9.3.2012

1. A. Vivaldi (1678-1741), born in Venice, was a priest, and was named "the red monk playing violin." The creativity and purity in his works shook Europe the 18th century, with many classic concertos.
2. Baritone - mid range male voice

Open lots of windows

 The glass wall of your room
 Covered with white blind panels
 The giant wingless window frames
 We fly every blue

Da Nang, Mercure hotel

Wall towards the river - is the glass

14th floor, hugging her on floating clouds

Smooth warm skin lit prosperous spirit, full of eyes

Create movie scenes with symbols

 Supernatural spirit realm

Winter sea awaiting my return

Peacefully listening to the wandering waves

Wave bathing a night of white milk

Waves making invisible marks on the sand

Waves spreading fingerprints


And injury in wild motion

About close couple are honestly existential

You open to door for the wind to come hissing in

The world in exposure

Day with the most 2s in the second decade of the 21st century

Shaking waves eager memories

Reflective silvery city

Each house should have lots of windows


A speech for you

Aquatic plants flow deep tears

Happy song and loving figure

Open all the blinds blinds

Old road flocking young chlorophyll

Beside You

April tree full of window panes








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